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  • I've managed to avoid learning Kubernetes for years, but it's finally time, so I'm setting up SBBP to run with it. I'll probably put Caddy in front. Aside from the learning, the main purpose of this is just so I can easily add the transcribed videos to Readwise.


SIEVE is a smarter change eviction algorithm that also manages to be simpler and faster than most other algorithms. A clever idea that optimizes for quick eviction, taking advantage of the property that in many cache use cases, a large proportion of the fetched objects are actually not fetched often.


  • This podcast with Flo Crivello has a lot of good information on how Lindy is training their AI agents. Most interesting to me was the talk about explicit training phases for agents when they encounter new tasks, where the user can give quick feedback on how the agent is performing on a set of initial work items, and have it adapt in real-time based on that feedback until the performance is acceptable.

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