Latest Updates


  • I renamed Prefect to Effectum today, since it turns out that there's always a rapidly growing startup in a similar space named Prefect.


  • Added conditional format conversions to Pic Store today. This lets you configure it to do things like generate PNGs only if the input was also a PNG, so that you don't do silly things like output a PNG of a photo. Next up will be the Pic Store integration mentioned in the previous post.
  • I also finally wrote a short README for my LetsEncrypt SSL renewer utility.
  • Learning
    • Last night I watched Join Order Optimization with (almost) no Statistics by Tom Ebergen. In this video, Tom describes enhancements he made to the join planner in DuckDB, and how it applies both to native tables where you have some extra metadata about the contents of each column, and on external files such as Parquet or CSV, where you don't know much about the actual contents. Good watching if you have any interest in database systems.


  • Added support today for writing JPEGs and reading HEIC files. The HEIC input will need a bit of tweaking but itโ€™s mostly there.
  • Once the Pic Store MVP is wrapped up Iโ€™m going to add support for it to my Logseq exporter, and then maybe implement the server mode for Effectum.
  • As for the public project roadmap, I think Linear is the way to go there. Should be easy enough to pull down the issues from their API and add some pages here to display them.

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In addition to these short updates, I sometimes write longer articles too. My latest is Process Streaming Uploads with Axum.

I also host my notes here publicly, in hopes that some readers will be educated and others can help fill in the gaps. The newest note is Effectum.

About Me


I'm a co-founder of Carevoyance (acquired by H1 Insights), a sales acceleration tool that enables healthcare sellers to zero in on their best prospects and generate custom reports and insights with just a few clicks.

I spend most of my time there creating new data analyses, working on the backend API and database systems, and developing tooling to research data anomalies and automate repetitive tasks. Recently I've been active on the front-end too, and have been enjoying the Svelte framework.

In the past I worked almost exclusively in C++ and various assembly languages. Now that I'm more in the web ecosystem, I'm mostly writing Javascript for work, but I'm using Rust more and more as well.

Before starting my own venture, I interfaced with advanced network switching chips at Arista Networks and worked on JTAG hardware debuggers and embedded operating systems at Green Hills Software. Running a small startup feels very different from working at these companies, and it has its ups and downs, but I love it.


I usually have some sort of side project going on, and my most recent obsession is Ergo, a low-code workflow orchestrator that is still in early stages, but coming along well.

Sometimes I wish I could code all day and night, but when not hacking on something or spending time with my family, I enjoy good coffee, nature photography, reading nonfiction and sci-fi, and improving my nascent design and UX skills. I'm also active in my church and run the sound board there every few weeks.

Where to find me

Twitter is probably the best way to contact me, or you can email me at daniel at this domain. I'm fairly active on Github as well.

About this site

The website is written using SvelteKit, Tailwind, and hosted on Vercel. Icons sourced from the Refactoring UI icon set and iconmonstr.

The prose content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. The code can be viewed on Github. The underlying code as well as all code examples are licensed under the MIT license.