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Yesterday I set up a custom command bar for Neovim, and I also wrote up some details on how to do it for yourself: Creating a Custom Command Bar in Neovim



  • Building LLM Applications for Production is a bit light on the actual topic, but that's forgivable since the community as a whole is still figuring out best practices for using LLMs in production. Regardless, it is a good overview of the LLM landscape and various tools and methods around it. On the title topic, I did enjoy the discussion of unit testing.
  • One thing I’ve also found useful is to ask models to give examples for which it would give a certain label. For example, I can ask the model to give me examples of texts for which it’d give a score of 4. Then I’d input these examples into the LLM to see if it’ll indeed output 4.
  • Scott Alexander's review of a book about IRBs is a good read if you're interested in research practices and process. But this quote was too jaw-dropping to miss.
  • maybe it was unethical to do RCTs on ventilator settings at all. He asked whether they might be able to give every patient the right setting while still doing the study. The study team tried to explain to him that they didn’t know which was the right setting, that was why they had to do the study. He wouldn’t budge.

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