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Logseq's latest release no longer uses its pages-metadata.edn file, which my note exporter was using to track the created and updated dates of each exported page. Since this file is no longer updated, I updated the program to track them in a SQLite database.

For each page, I calculate a hash, and if the page's hash has changed, it updates the database with the file's last modified time. Nice and easy. For older pages, it can still import the initial data from pages-metadata.edn too. Integrating SQLite into the exporter program was a pretty smooth experience; I'm hoping to use it more often.

Of course, now that I have all the pages in a database, I can add other data, and that brings up more fun questions about what else I can do with it.


I set up Let's Encrypt at work today. Our nginx configuration is somewhat complex and we also run it inside a Docker container, so the process was a bit unusual. I wrote about it here.

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