Email Digest Service

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  • status: Pre-development
  • Have noisy services like Github send notifications to this service, which batches them up and sends groups of emails to you periodically. This way you aren't getting 15 emails in 10 minutes when people are commenting on things.
  • Features

    • Email digest viewer
    • Send emails with full contents or summaries
    • Configurable behavior for sending email batches
      • Send a batch of emails X minutes after the first is received
      • Send a batch X minutes after the last is received
      • Send a batch once X emails are in the batch, regardless of time.
      • Option for a digest to never send during a particular time period. Just keep batching up instead.
    • Configure filters for emails, both to and from and subject regex
      • Filter to send immediately, put into a batch, or delete (but probably retain for manual checking)
    • group by sender, keyword, etc
    • Multiple concurrent digests with different settings (e.g. one for GitHub and another for a forum)
      • Can do this with the filtering capability and/or custom To addresses for each batch
    • When only one email has arrived, just forward it without digest mode?
  • Needs

    • queue with rescheduleable tasks (Effectum upcoming feature)
    • some email parsing functionality
    • postmark or something for sending the digests
  • Useful crates

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