Mistakes to Avoid when Learning Jobs to be Done

  • Don’t think of it as a framework or a method with a set of steps.
    • JTBD is a theory. It’s something you learn to understand how things have happened, and to make predictions about the future.
  • Don’t persuade others about how great JTBD is
    • In the style of JTBD itself, focus on how great people will be if they use JTBD.
  • Don’t use it as a design process
    • It can inform design processes, but it is not a replacement for it. JTBD helps you gather and model data to describe the demand for your products, but does not tell you what to do about it.
  • Don’t think of a job as a task
    • A task is something that is done but doesn’t tell you anything about how it changes the person doing it. A JTBD is a desire for progress.
  • Don’t study how people use products.
    • We care less about how people use a product and more about why they started using it in the first place.

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