Hiring a Job to Be Done

  • Source: https://jtbd.info/what-does-hiring-a-product-for-a-job-to-be-done-mean-and-why-say-that-49b0d20b19ef
  • A consumer hires a product or service just once. After that, it’s just consumption.
  • many people who sign up for a gym membership stop going after a few weeks. Why? Well, even though they consumed going to the gym, they never hired it. And they never hired it because they never had that magical moment of “yes, this is going to work!”
  • when you say that you’ve hired something for a JTBD, it necessarily means you’ve fired something else.
  • When someone with the “become fit” JTBD hires go to the gym + diet plan, they fire sedentary lifestyle + eating junk food
  • With hiring and firing, you build a market model that includes:
    • Demand (consumer motivation as a Job to be Done)
    • Supply that can be hired for that demand (specifically, complements and substitutes)
  • Hiring Summary
    • Hiring is a willful choice that can’t be seen
    • A consumer hires a product or service only once (until they fire it)
    • Hiring is a commitment to change behavior.
    • Every time someone hires something, they fire something else

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