Github Actions

  • Each workflow is in a YAML file
  • Here's an example that builds Rust binaries for each platform
    • ```yaml name: Build release binaries # The events to trigger the workflow # repositorydispatch is a manual trigger that you do via an API call on: repositorydispatch: types: [tag-created] jobs: # Can define multiple jobs release: name: Build and Release runs-on: $
      strategy: matrix: include:
  • os: ubuntu-latest artifactname: export-roam-notes assetname: export-roam-notes-linux-amd64
  • os: macos-latest artifactname: export-roam-notes assetname: export-roam-notes-macos-amd64
  • os: windows-latest artifactname: export-roam-notes.exe assetname: export-roam-notes-windows-amd64.exe steps:
  • name: Checkout uses: actions/checkout@v2
  • name: Build run: cargo build --release --locked
  • name: Upload binary uses: svenstaro/upload-release-action@v1-release with: repotoken: ${{ secrets.GITHUBTOKEN }} file: target/release/$
    assetname: ${{ matrix.assetname }} tag: $
  • Manually Triggering Workflows

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