Aviator CLI Cheatsheet

  • Aviator is a tool for managing stacked branches and PRs. Their CLI can be used separately from the rest of the product. Here are some useful commands for it:
  • av stack sync rebases branches within the current stack and pushes
  • av stack sync --trunk is like the above, but also brings the stack up to date with the trunk branch
  • av stack sync --prune deletes branches for merged PRs
  • av stack sync --all --trunk --prune brings everything in the repository up to date, deletes merged branches, etc.
  • av stack submit to create and sync PRs for every branch in the current stack
  • av pr create creates a PR for the current branch
  • av stack branch creates a new branch off of the current branch
  • av stack branch-commit -b <BRANCHNAME> createe a new branch and commits the currently staged files (see —help on this one for more options)
  • av stack switch is a stack-aware TUI for switching branches.
  • av stack tree shows the same diagram used by switch but only prints it.
  • av stack reorder to move commits between branches in a stack, or also merge and split branches.
  • Moving branches between stacks requires a few commands
    • git checkout <BRANCH TO MOVE>
    • git rebase <NEW_PARENT_BRANCH>
    • av stack sync --parent <NEW_PARENT_BRANCH>

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, please send me a note on Twitter.