Deliberate Practice

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Notes on The Complete Guide to Deliberate Practice

Deliberate Practice - Mastery

Deliberate Practice - Execution

The Problems with Deliberate Practice from Cedric Chin.

Ericsson in Peak

One way to think about this is simply as a reflection of the fact that, to date, we have found no limitation to the improvements that can be made with particular types of practice. As training techniques are improves and new heights of achievement are discovered, people in every area of human endeavor of constantly finding ways to get better, to raise the bat on what was thought to be possible, and there is no sign that this will stop.

Deliberate Practice Is… 🔗

  • Planning
  • Effort
  • Guided by well-informed feedback

Deliberate Practice is Not… 🔗

  • It is not mindless repetition. Just doing something is different from purposefully learning it.
  • It is not sporadic. Regular practice is important to build skills.
  • It is not relaxing. It involves pushing ones self to new levels in order to improve.

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